Jamal Elnatour

Licensed Construction Superintendent

When you work with Dynamic Construction, you will see Jamal on site all the time. He has a degree in civil/structural engineering and a love of people. That is why he is on site every day to supervise and reassure you that everything is going well.

For Jamal, Dynamic Construction is a way to meet people and build life-long relationships. He started working for the company as an engineer, and after five years he became a co-owner. Jamal did such a good job for his first customer, that customer introduced Jamal to his bandmate. Jamal next worked for the bandmate’s father, and years later ended up with everyone at the wedding of the original client’s daughter. This story is not unusual.

Whether you are a home owner, a designer, or a business owner, you can count on Jamal to make your vision a reality.


George Fayad

Licensed Safety Manager

Mr. Fayad is as big a presence at Dynamic Construction. He has been here for 30 years, and he is very invested in creating the right outcome your projects. Mr. Fayad is one of the owners and works as the superintendent for all the construction sites. You will also deal with him on the business side of your project. He deals with our estimates and contracts.

Mr. Fayad is a master carpenter, who builds cabinets, vanities, and other woodwork. He is responsible for all of the millwork on the company’s projects. He is also responsible for all of the framing, which is the structural aspect of the construction that gives it shape and support.